Catching Up

Well, let me tell you, this has been some week. Not that anything terribly eventful has happened, but it’s just seemed… active.

Monday night I ran errands and managed to get many fun accessories for my Halloween costume at the dollar store, including binoculars, a horribly fake walkie-talkie, a compass, and most strangely, a plastic toy gun. I say most strangely because I grew up in a weapons-free household. Alison and I weren’t terribly interested in toys like that anyways, but if my memory serves me correctly, my male cousins weren’t allowed to bring over their toys like that either.

I also got the quilt I’ve been lusting over at Target for months now. It was the last one left, and labeled $41.99, which for a full/queen quilt was pretty cheap (though I wasn’t sure it was actually a full/queen – it only had the makeshift tag, not a real one, but it didn’t matter since I’ve got a twin bed). But then I scanned it and it came up $14.99. Who’s to argue with that? I don’t even care if it was mislabeled – it was the only one left. There was no choice now – I had to buy it. I was so happy with it when I got home that I took pictures.

Isn’t it pretty?

It’s white, but not glaringly so, but not cream either. And it has brown and black, so that opens up decorating possibilities. And it has some red and yellow squares too, which provide color without being overwhelming. I love it. And it’s pretty warm. Or, at least warm enough that unless it’s super-cold, I don’t need other blankets on my bed.

See the pretty pictures hanging over my fireplace? I did that last week. If it was a better picture, you could see that half of the pictures in the frames are sideways, but one project at a time.

Last night, I did all of my homework for this week and next, which included reading a few chapters in my textbooks and writing a paper. Aren’t I awesome? Yeah, you know it.

Plus, Dad called to firm up plans for this weekend. It was strange, because that’s the second time he’s called me in, like, six weeks, and I’ve called him too, which means that I’ve talked to him almost every other week, and I’m seeing him on Friday, which is just unheard of. I may have actually talked to him more than I have to Mom. Wait, that can’t be right.

It looks like Betsy and I are going to be able to get together this weekend, too, which is very exciting. I haven’t seen her since her wedding, which was… two years ago? And she’s pregnant and starting to show (according to her), and that’s exciting. She can meet Prince Charming, which would mean after this weekend that I have almost no family or friends left to introduce him to. Friends from college, perhaps, but I so rarely talk to them anymore – we’ve all gotten so bad with email, and are spread all over the country, and most of them are married and have kids, which is just a different stage of life than I’m at, so we don’t necessarily have tons to talk about (and with the whole being married and having kids thing, their lives are pretty busy and full, and I’m sure it’s hard to keep in touch with anyone who doesn’t live close by at that point).

I got my hair cut yesterday, which was desperately needed, especially before my cousin’s wedding this weekend. Supposedly she cut off an inch (which means I’ve netted 2 inches of hair in six months, if my hair grows at the average rate), but I can’t tell any difference in the length. All I know is that it looks and feels healthier.

Um… maybe that was it. It’s seemed like a long, full week, and it’s only Wednesday morning. Tomorrow afternoon I have a staff meeting, and I have Friday off, so that’s not too bad.

I really like our new manager – she’s super friendly, which is a huge change from her predecessor. Just had a lovely little chat with her.

Anyways… now I feel like I’ve done my bloggerly duty and caught y’all up. Sorry for the blog silence. My camera seems to be working fine now, so hopefully when I get back from Chicago on Monday I’ll have pictures to post.