Tuesday Twosome: Describe…

[Editor’s Note: Really, I’ll get around to a real post soon. I actually have things to say. But I have work to do too, and am only in until 12:30 today. So… blog gets neglected. Sorry!]

  1. The perfect autumn day and what activities you enjoy: Clear blue sky, cool enough to wear long sleeves and a sweater, and maybe gloves or a hat, but a jacket is not needed. Leaves all over the sidewalk that crunch when I step on them. I perfectly free afternoon with nothing to do but enjoy the weather. The sun is shining (it’s been awfully dark and dreary lately – I miss the sun!). I like to… go for walks in the fall, breathe the crisp air, drink something toasty warm, look at the changing colors, and enjoy all the colors of clothing and everything else commercial that’s in stores this time of year.
  2. Two things about yourself that make you different from everybody else: My hair makes me pretty different – it’s rare that there’s someone with hair exactly like mine. Also, I have a very rare personality type, if you’re into Myers-Briggs.
  3. The last time you laughed really hard and why: I get the giggles when I get tired, and this past weekend when watching football, repeated references to “tight end” did me in. Also, Prince Charming likes to tickle me, which leads to lots of laughing.
  4. Two items of clothing that best represents who you are: My cream Old Navy zip-front hooded sweater, and my grey sweatpants. Both are comfy and cuddly and beautifully neutral. They go with everything.
  5. Yourself as others see you and how you see yourself: Um… yeah, I don’t really think this can be described in a sentence or two. So… I’m not answering it.

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  1. Oh, I remembered the other thing that made me laugh really hard this weekend. We were watching 1 v 100 (or whatever it is, that new quiz show), and Bob Saget, the host, you know, formerly of Full House, said the word “badonkadonk.” That was hilarious. Laughed my badonkadonk off.

  2. Kelly,

    What’s your personality type (Meyers Briggs)? I’m sure we’ve had this discussion before but I can’t remember.

    (INFJ-INTJ for me by the way)

    Have fun,

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