Good News

I came home last night to the sound of my landlord banging on the pipes. Not an hour later, I was removing my sweater in favor of a tank top. The heat is on! and I couldn’t have been happier. And, as an added bonus, stopped following me around like a second shadow – clearly, she was cold too.

I finished a project last night that I’ve been meaning to do since I moved in over two years ago, and more so since I moved into my new room in May. I opened the large box labeled “picture frames” and… put them up on the wall. I know, amazing. But really, if you’ve seen it before, and you see it now, you’ll realize how much of a difference it makes.

In other happy news, my camera has seemed to be working fine for the last two days. I’m cautiously optimistic.

Can’t think of anything else…

One Reply to “Good News”

  1. Yippee! Heat is good!

    Hopefully my landlord got the same idea. It hasn’t been too bad yet, but I imagine tonight would be downright frigid if he hasn’t turned it on yet.

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