Tuesday Twosome

Choose and explain…

  1. Shower or Bath: Maybe one day when I don’t have roommates, I’ll take more baths, but really all a bath means right now is spending half an hour on my knees scrubbing the tub before being able to enjoy the spa-like atmosphere that my occasionally-clean bathroom offers. Not exactly fun. Plus, it’s impossible to wash my hair. I’ll agree that shaving is easier, but hardly worth the effort of a bath.
  2. Comedy or Drama: Historically, I’ve preferred comedy over drama, but in recent years my tastes have changed. I really like a nice… middle of the road drama that’s not too tense and has some humor in there every once in a while. In musicals and plays, I prefer drama. And I love physical comedy. So… yeah.
  3. Coffee or Tea: I am a coffee girl. Have been since childhood, when my parents would have a cup of coffee after dinner and would let us have the last half-inch at the bottom of the mug (cold, black coffee – yum! I don’t know why and I thought this was such a treat).
  4. Fiction or non-fiction: I try to read non-fiction. I own a lot of non-fiction. But it always seems much more like work than an enjoyable leisure activity. So the fiction books get read and the non-fiction ones look pretty on a shelf. It’s not right, I know.
  5. Television or Movies: Yes. I like all both. I’m more a fan of movies on television than in the theatre, just because I can watch a wider variety on the small screen. (Anything remotely scary or tense is just overwhelming on the big screen with the surround sound and the inability to hit pause.)

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