Four For Friday

  1. Grocery Shopping: When you go to the grocery store, do you create a shopping list beforehand or do you buy according to a routine or whatever suits your tastes? Yes. I try to have a list and get what’s on it, but I always end up buying other stuff too. Especially if I’m alone at Cub and hungry. Frozen pizza aisle, here I come! It’s so much harder to impulse-purchase at the co-op, mainly because impulses there are 1) expensive, and 2) not entirely promising in the flavor/taste department.
  2. Awards: If you did the work, which award would you like to receive: The Noble Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Literature, or Peace? Literature, I think. I don’t really foresee this coming, seeing as how the majority of my blog content is worthless drivel. But you never know. One of these days I could write a second chapter to something.
  3. Politics: Do you plan on voting in this November’s elections? If so, and if a congressional seat is up for grabs in your area, do you view your ballot as a vote “against” the President, rather than a vote “for” him, or will your vote not take into account the President’s performance? I am embarrassingly under-educated, so I don’t think I will be. I don’t think that any votes I would make would have anything to do with the President, since his name isn’t on the ballot. I’m not a party-line voter. I voted for both Clinton and Bush (though I don’t like saying I voted for Clinton, because I think he’s swine, but that’s on a personal level – he wasn’t that bad of a president). I’m going to vote for who I’m going to vote for, regardless of party affiliation.
  4. Royalty: If you could be King or Queen of any country, which country would you choose and why? (Sorry but Disneyland is not a country.) I protest – Disneyland is too a country. How about Disneyworld? No? OK, then I pick some sunny, tropical island with a fair amount of trees on the beach, far away from any fault lines (you know, ’cause tsunamis are bad) and communist dictatorships, and… big enough to have a Target store, but not so large that vehicles of any type are necessary. Was that specific enough?