The rest of my weekend

Somehow, I totally blocked from my memory that on Saturday, and I played tennis. He’d found some tennis rackets while cleaning out his garage, and thought it would be a good idea to see if we could play before throwing them into the Goodwill pile. (I think they’ve been saved from that fate.) Well, it’s been way over a decade since I last played. is in pretty good shape – he regularly goes running and… stuff. I am not. But, we both managed to walk around like old people all day Sunday, hurting in all sorts of places. Thankfully, most of my hurts were gone by yesterday, except for a muscle in my arm that I rarely use, and part of my hand. They’re still a little tender today, but I only notice if I’m looking for it.

Also, on Sunday, removed a post that was in the ground near his front door (it was formerly the home of the satellite dish). As you can see from the pictures, this was a bigger project than one might have thought.

See that dark part at the bottom? That part was in the ground. It was buried a little deeper than he thought.
Now what's he going to fill this with?