World, here I come!

OK, that may be a bit premature still, but the results are in: I am actually good at history. Or, at least, at remembering it long enough to take a test. After checking all week long for our grades to be posted, they were finally up on Sunday night.

I was so excited when I saw them that I had to call both Mom and Prince Charming, even though I’d just talked to Mom on the phone and Prince Charming had just left my house.

98/100. We got them back in class today, and you know where those two points were? One (1) multiple-choice question. And I figured that I’d mess up at least a few of those, because I don’t always read them through all the way, or skip over an important word (not on purpose).

And, if you look at the grade break-down (how cool is that? college has gotten so much more high-tech since I went a mere 6 years ago), you can see that, because there are 10 students in my class, each little square is one person, and that means I am the only one who scored in the 95-100% range. I’m the high score. That has never happened to me before. I mean, I did well in school, but was almost never the best. Certainly not on tests. Occasionally on projects, or on things that I worked on really, really hard (like my Philosophy 102 paper that I practically sweat blood to get a 91% on).

In non-school-related news…Um…

We went to the Twins game on Friday. It was a good game, though I think the Twins should have won. (If I remember correctly, all of the White Sox 4 points were home-runs, whereas all of the Twins points were… team efforts. Or because one of the Sox dropped a fly ball and then fell on his a**. That was funny.)

And… we were lazy on Saturday. And Sunday, really. Went out for pizza with friends on Sunday night, though. 3/5, in my opinion.

And Nikki has promised that she’s giving me the $ she owes me today, so I will be able to buy groceries and pay my phone bill. Yay. Now I just need to hear from Bryan.

Tonight, I strive to… do the little bit of homework I have, maybe do some baking, perhaps some cleaning, and let Matea whore it up. Tomorrow night, Amanda and I and possibly Liz are going to see “Life In Shadows: Hidden Children and the Holocaust” at the History Center. Not so much exciting as… interesting and educational. And I get extra-credit for class (not that I need it). It closes October 15, so if you were interested in going, you better get your butt over there.

Today’s History Lesson: you get the day off because I am awesome. Ha!