Let’s go back to 1996, shall we?

Somewhere around August 18th, 1996 is where this story takes place. My parents drove me to college to move in. I was a freshman and terribly nervous, and preliminary meetings with my assigned roommate had gone OK, but not fabulously. We were not going to be best friends (in fact, she ended up transferring to another school at the end of the year because Judson was not the place for her). Scores of upperclassmen were hanging out just begging to help take boxes into the dorm for us (it was a service I was to provide for the next three years as a Student Senate officer). All moved in, there wasn’t much left for my parents to do but go home (a whopping 30 minute drive if you go the speed limit – 15 if you’re really “talented”). But, there was something later that day for parents that they were waiting around for, so they decided to go “out” and would come back later. I unpacked boxes, made my bed, probably hid from people and wasn’t terribly social (sound familiar? maybe I haven’t changed that much in ten years). They came back a few hours later with snacks for my room, because we hadn’t thought of that. Included was a bag of Snyders of Hanover pretzel pieces (this is the only thing I remember) in Honey Mustard and Onion flavor, which I adored at the time (despite how gross they sound, they’re fabulous). I think they got me some other stuff for my room – ah, yes, they bought me a window air fan. So sweet.

I bought a big bag in the Skyway last week and have been slowly munching on them. They remind me of… a different time. Not necessarily happier, but definitely more innocent.

I’d post some pictures from 1996, but I’m at work and don’t have any here. Bummer.