Me, on politics

Yeah, I know, I have previously strongly stressed how this blog is a politics-free zone, simply because often discussions of such a nature infuriate me. In an effort to perhaps not get so passionate about things and be able to discuss them reasonably (yeah, I’m doubtful that I’ll be able to accomplish this, but how will I know if I don’t try? will be proud of me for that attitude). So, while on digg this afternoon, I ran across the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz” [link removed]. Really, 30 seconds would be a long estimate, and that’s if you’re a slow reader. 10 questions. Go ahead and take it.

Confirming what I’ve known since high school when we had to take a similar quiz in Government, I was told that I am a Centrist.

Like I’ve said, I could have told you this before. I think on the 1-100 scale, I score 50, I’m that middle of the road. So, what I’d like to know is, what’s your score?

Today’s History Lesson: roommates are good, especially when you pack and make all your plans to be gone from the house for a weekend except for the tiny act of feeding your cat. will be extremely grateful (as will I) to for feeding her this weekend, and it goes a long way towards feelings of goodwill since owes me utilities and cable and won’t be paying me for another two weeks. At least she told me, right? Um, no. Partially my fault, since I didn’t get the breakdown to my roommates for awhile.

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  1. I am (surprise, surprise) a liberal. I am one square north and two squares west of you. Not so far liberal as one might have guessed…

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