Tuesday Twosome

List two…

  1. Items in your purse/wallet: ticket stub from the last movie I went to see with , and a wide variety of lipstick options.
  2. Food items you crave the most: Starbucks and popcorn
  3. Books you could read over and over again: Anything Jane Austen, and any children’s book
  4. Events in the past 14 days that have made you laugh and/or cry: I’m feeling particularly sappy/sad at the moment (I think it’s the weather outside – grey and cold and rainy), and I think if I watched the right movie or TV show or someone said just the right thing, I’d cry. Trying to explain the dream I was having that caused me to talk in my sleep to was pretty funny (it involved defining the word “infuriate” in a way that meant it was only used during the winter months).
  5. People you are missing a lot at this very moment: , and , who’s been silent over email for the last week.