Disappointment Strikes Again

For the last two weeks, I’ve been trying to get a taco salad from this one place in the Skyway. And for two weeks, I’ve been thwarted. Either there’s been a really long line, or it’s been too late in the day, or… I forget to leave for lunch altogether. Whatever. So, you can imagine my joy when today I actually got there in time and there wasn’t a line and I ordered my taco salad.

Of course, I’m wildly disappointed. What else would you expect? I’ve had this taco salad before – it’s not like this was going to be some new and untried experience. But today, it falls flat. I think I’ve made better at home. Actually, I know I’ve made better at home.

Today’s History Lesson: Don’t wait 2 weeks for a fast-food taco salad. It’s not worth it.