3x Thursday

  1. While living your day-to-day life, what are 3 things you look forward to throughout the week? At least one night per week sitting at home in front of the TV (even if I’m simultaneously knitting and/or doing homework); that moment when all of my laundry is clean; finding time to work on projects.
  2. Thinking into the future, what are 3 things you look forward to achieving? Grad school; living in a house where at least one of the rooms wasn’t “in progress”; working full-time in the [new] career of my choosing and enjoying it.
  3. Do you look forward to weekends? Why? Absolutely. First of all, I really do detest my job most of the time, and I think that speaks for itself. But mostly, it’s the only time I get to spend with Prince Charming. Also, I get to sleep in, and sometimes do social things. And for about half of the year, it means that I get to actually see the sun while it’s up, instead of being cooped up inside my work building with the tinted windows.

Bonus Question for Comments: Got anything special coming up that you’re looking forward to? What is it? Let’s see, there are a few things in the upcoming months to look forward to…. my cousin’s wedding next month, which means going home and seeing family and friends, some of whom I haven’t seen for years (since Mom’s family continually schedules the Christmas get-together at a time that I can’t attend). Amanda just announced the Boo Ball, so there’s a chance to dress up for Halloween. My first nephew/niece will be born in December (or maybe the end of November). How’s that for starters?

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  1. I hope the applications I’ve put out will turn into a job in the near future. That would be good.

    I also look forward to finishing my Nursing Assistant program soon so I too can lay on the couch and watch tv.

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