I’m trying very hard to work late tonight – I’ve got some hours to make up from when I am in class. However, this is very hard to do when I don’t have any work to do. There’s a bit I have at the moment, but I don’t think it’ll last me as long as I’d like it to. We’ll see.

Had a nice weekend. picked me up right after work and we drove to his mom’s cabin in Wisconsin. We had a nice time – it was dark when we got there, and cold Saturday morning, but the sun was shining. The nearby town is really cute – bought some candy and fudge to share, and a candle for me (someone had given his mom one as a gift, and we liked it enough to take a second trip back into town to get one). We drove back late on Saturday night.

Sunday, his dad came over and we all drove up to ‘s (that’s 75% of parental units in 2 days!) to pick up her couch and some tables. Just imagine us driving back from Blaine in the station wagon with a blue couch strapped to the top, and you can see what kind of fun we had. The rest of the day was spent watching football (or ignoring football while knitting, if you’re me).

Class this morning was good – I’m getting better at speaking up in class. It’s hard sometimes, if only because with nine students and over half of them too shy to speak up, I don’t want to be the only one talking. But someone has to make the other guy shut up (because until I started sharing, he was the only one who would talk).

I will spend a few sentences to say that five years ago today, I was sitting at home in Michigan watching the Today Show, getting dressed to go to my part-time job (on my day off from church), when it all went down. I remember being quite dumbfounded, and nearly late for work because it was so surreal. We ended up closing the store at about eleven, because no one was coming in. I didn’t really have anything else to do, so I took advantage of the free time and did my grocery shopping. Not many other people out and about. I thought a little bit about the guy I knew who lived in New York (and was thankful when, several weeks later, he emailed me and told me what that day was like for him), but didn’t really freak out. It was a weird time in my life, anyways, since I was already in the process of interviewing for the job that eventually moved me to Minnesota, and many of my close friends had already left the church.

Alright… back to work. Or, at least, whatever I can scrounge up to do.

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  1. Kelly,

    I’m imagining the couch on the station wagon and thinking, “I didn’t know any of you had ever lived in Kentucky”

    Have fun,

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