Wednesday Mind Hump

Today is National Geek Day, so let’s geek it up!

  • Star Wars or Star Trek? Yes, as in, I like both. But Star Trek is much easier to watch, and comes in hour-long segments, and there’s so much more of it. Star Wars is, like, epic, and who has the time for that. Plus, the newer 3 suck.
  • Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? I’ve never read or watched Harry Potter. I don’t like trendy things. Lord of the Rings, however, I have watched and read all of the books/movies.
  • Internet Explorer or Firefox? Firefox. I hate IE, and I hate that occasionally I have to use it at work, because one of our new systems only works in IE. Who thought of that?
  • iPod shuffle or iPod Nano? Nano, but I have to say that I didn’t really get a choice in that, since it was a gift. I don’t think I’d ever have made it around to actually buying one for myself. But I love my Nano. It’s white and just the right size, in both memory and physicality.
  • Camera phone or mp3 phone? Neither. I think they’re both stupid ideas. I have a digital camera that is always in my purse, and the afore-mentioned Nano. I want my phone to take calls, that’s it.
  • Dilbert or Jon from “Garfield”? Jon is a loser. Dilbert kinda is, but not in the same way. Dilbert is really just… slightly socially inept sometimes, and gets stuck in crummy situations, and Jon really is… just a loser.

And of course, the big question

  • Mac or PC? PC, but only because it’s what I know. It would take me some time to transition over to Mac, but I could if I needed to. (I think, however, that the inability to right-click in Macs would drive me crazy for quite a while.)

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