New Things

Today was my first day of class. I woke up early and I got to class 15 minutes early; I did pretty good. I yawned a few times in class, but what do you expect for 9 am? I did politely cover my mouth while yawning, so hopefully the teacher just thought I was tired, and not bored. I stayed mentally engaged in the lecture, which was not overly interesting, especially since she basically covered what we had read in the textbook. But I liked the textbook. The teacher seems nice. This class has the potential to be easy. At least, after one class, it doesn’t seem hard. And it’s actually 3 classes, I just happened to miss the first two.

We practically had SNB last night. is taking a 6-week course to become a CNA (or to start on the path towards becoming a CNA? I get confused easily), so we’re taking a break. But called and we talked for a while, and made lunch plans for today, and stopped by after her class and stayed for half an hour. So, there ya go.

Our dryer is fixed, finally! So I did 4 loads of laundry last night, cleaned my bedroom, and watched 3 episodes of the Dead Zone. It will take me forever to get caught up on the TV I recorded this summer. I’m caught up on Monk and Stargate SG-1, but I have the entire season of The 4400 and The Closer, and almost the entire season of the Dead Zone to watch.

I’m wearing my anniversary gift from today. For those interested, here’s what he gave me:

Ooh, how pretty!
A gorgeous amber pendant-and-earring set.

And, for good measure…

Weeks’ worth of yummy goodness!

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  1. I will be a CNA after this course. The state recently changed the title though. Instead of Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) they now call it Nursing Assistant, Registered (NAR). Not sure why they did that, but our prof is really pushy about it. FYI it is a “mixed” course, so I will also be a Home Health Aid (HHA).

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