Not an Update

No, this is not the long-awaited update about my weekend. Thanks to my new memory card, we took an extravagant 250+ photos. So an update will be awhile in the making. Especially since I broke my home computer and can only do this at work.

But, Alison sent me photos of her pregnant belly! I don’t get to see her until the end of September, so she’ll be even huger by then. So exciting! It was a mass email, so I’m sure she won’t mind my sharing with this small world.

Getting so big! (That’s the baby’s room she’s in. They’re not finding out if it’s a boy or girl till it shows itself to the world, so everything is green.)
She loves to take funny pictures like this. Here it’s… “four months left? How big will I get?”
Taking a breather, in the rocking chair that she got for her birthday from Mom and my brother-in-law.