The joys of at-home hair coloring and 1GB of memory on the digital camera

Well, Tuesday night, and and I gathered at ‘s apartment to color my hair. I’d like to insert that red hair always shows up… redder in pictures, or at least mine does. I really was getting quite faded, and had horrible roots. Whatever. Well, last weekend I bought a 1GB memory stick for my digital camera, because it was a ridiculously good deal and I had a little extra spending money. We decided to give the responsibility of photographing the event, since she really only came because she thought it would be entertaining. We won’t talk about how annoying she was… (you know I love you!). Let’s just say that out of the 100 photos she took, these 12 are the only ones that I kept. (Though, really, the pictures of your feet and side profiles were quite interesting, but 4 megapixel shots of my butt really aren’t making it out there into the world.) Technically, you can click on the pictures for the large versions, but why would you? They’re huge!


Applying the hair dye.

Oh, what fun!

Yes, this is really messy!

Randomly... the frog in A's apartment

Are we done yet?

OK, someone's having a little too much fun.

Taking a break in-between coloring and highlighting for dinner. Notice my healthy plateful of Cheetos? (Yes, I ate a burger and veggies before that.)

After the highlighting. Look at my roots! A did a great job!

The official "After" photo.

A and L having a little fun while I rinse out my hair.

Taking advantage of the timer function on my camera... here we are.

And… the side-by-side comparison [removed]. As it dried (in the after picture my hair is quite wet), it got a lot lighter and blonder, so you can’t tell really much of a difference yet. Hopefully I’ll take some good pictures on vacation this weekend and you’ll be able to tell better.

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  1. Thank you ever so much for not posting the very large, very unflattering pictures of my ass.

    Liz, you’re fired.

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