Tuesday is Chooseday

(I don’t normally do this meme, since it’s usually something along the lines of, “would you rather eat a thousand worms, or be covered in leaches?” But today the questions looked… answerable.)

    Would you rather:
  1. cover all your food in barbecue sauce OR eat everything with a toothpick? I like the toothpick idea. Plus, bbq-covered chocolate bars just don’t do it for me.
  2. know how to throw a lasso with perfect accuracy OR be an expert trombonist? The idea of playing the trombone is fun ( played), but I think the lasso would be more practical, like if I ever had kids, or maybe just when I’m a junior high teacher.
  3. smell like pickles OR walk like a penguin? Smell like pickles, because my boyfriend would be deliriously happy with that.
  4. touch your finger to your nose every time somebody says the word “know” OR laugh uncontrollably whenever somebody says the word “but”? Laughing at “butt.” I’m almost there anyways. I find the Law & Order opening lines, “…crimes are particularly heinous” to be much funnier than I should.