New sources of Yum!

Treats from the co-op last night that were surprisingly delicious:

  • Endangered Species Chocolate – I had the dark and white chocolate blend (well, OK, I’m still eating it – it’s way too much, even for me, for 2 sittings) and it’s wonderful. I should have bought the dark chocolate bar (or one of the many combinations) for , but he still has dark chocolate at my house and his that are uneaten. (And they don’t cost nearly that much at the co-op – I don’t pay $3 for a chocolate bar, unless it’s really big.)
  • Oskri Sesame Bar with Molasses – (Sorry there’s not much more exciting at that link.) They were kind of a cross between peanut brittle and granola bars, if that makes any sense. 3 thin bars… not messy to eat (like crispy granola bars are), and several flavors (not many that sparked my interest, but if you’re a more adventuresome eater, there’s plenty of variety).