Frustration Overload

(OK, not really… just a slight annoyance)

So yesterday I hopped online to register for the class I’d decided to take this fall. As you may remember, there’s already been frustration about this, since my first choice graduate school would only accept two of the courses being offered at my local community college, and out of the three different sections of each, only one was a night class and there was a section of each online. And I’d prefer to not take my history classes online. Econ, fine. But since I’d like to teach history, it’d be nice if I could be in the classroom to experience the other side, you know? Plus, I think history is a subject that lends itself much more to the classroom than online learning.

So, student ID in hand, I log on, find the course section, hit register, and… get an error message. An unclear error message. I check through all the information available to me – no holds on my account, nothing that looks strange…. So finally, after trying multiple times and getting the same error (yes, there’s a bit of insanity there, I realize), I finally email their registration office. Several emails later, the girl tells me that the class I’m trying to register for is reserved for high school students, and I should try the online one. (Which, I discovered this morning, is full. Insert b*tch session here.)

I attempted to, this morning, calmly write her back and explain how the misunderstanding might have come about, since what the course description says is that it’s only reserved to high school students through August 1, and since 23 of the 24 spots in the class are open, I assumed they’d take my money. And I tried to explain that I’d prefer a classroom class, not one online.

She hasn’t written back, and I don’t really expect her to.

In the meantime, I have contacted my second choice* graduate school to get information on what coursework would be required of me and what classes would transfer to them.

You know, if I had a car, or didn’t mind taking the bus home through downtown St Paul at 10pm, I might consider a class at Metro State. I don’t even remember if they have any that would work with my schedule, though, since I remember checking the bus schedule and learning it would take me an hour to get home. And, as we discussed Thursday night, most of the other options aren’t really convenient to me either – both U campuses are awkwardly located (bus-wise from my house).

If the unfortunate conclusion I have to draw ends up being taking yet another semester off… it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I could actually have my act together much sooner for Spring semester classes. Maybe there would be more options then – who knows, St Paul College’s spring course schedule isn’t available yet. I won’t die, and it won’t even really set me back that far, all things considered. It’s just frustrating because I was getting soooooo close to starting.

Correction, I am so close to starting. Let’s remain positive for the time being, shall we?


Had a nice conversation with Alison last night. The baby kicks her constantly. She had a good birthday. The usual sister stuff.

Also, we have an all-staff meeting this afternoon. But, I will remember to go to the Farmer’s Market beforehand, which is something I’ve barely gotten to do this summer. So that’s exciting.

Finally, I did eventually write that woman back about the website design, and they still need someone. She’s going to call me to talk about details. We’ll see how that goes.

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  1. Kelly,

    That sucks. (Hey, would you really want to be in a class with high school students?)

    Have fun,

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