Two interesting news tidbits

From the Star-Tribune today:

A woman faces ex-communication for trying to become a Catholic priest [link removed]. Right on! Actually, I totally respect the right of the Catholic Church to disallow women priests, especially since I’m not Catholic and don’t think I have any right to criticize what I don’t know/understand. So really, what she should have done is become Episcopalian (which in many respects is similar to Catholicism), and then she could be ordained without incurring the wrath of the Catholic Church (which is not the same as the wrath of God, just to be clear). But, since it sounds like she is Catholic, I support her right to work inside the system (kinda) for change. I’m sure those statements could come back to bite me in the butt, especially if anyone brings up the topic of homosexuality in the church, but I’ll stand by them for now.

A series of interviews with people in the Twin Cities who are homeless [link removed], particularly relevant to the recent discussion we’ve been having here about Las Vegas. If you haven’t talked to someone who is homeless before, you should read this article and try to understand what life is like for them.

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  1. I can’t believe she still Catholic. I thought she was practicing that Kabbalah stuff… or are they not mutually exclusive?

  2. Good question – I don’t know anything about Kabbalah. Maybe next week when I get back from camping and am again bored and without work, I’ll do some research and share.

  3. I’m Catholic. The first time I saw Alter-girls, I thought it was sort of odd. Once I thought about it, I thought it was sorta neat too. Maybe the lady should have converted to another religion that was simular like you mentioned. I photographed a wedding once where there was this neat lady who did all sorts of wedding-related ceremonies. The one I went to was a hand-fasting.
    BTW, you’re going to hate this, but I came here by way of google. Sorry Kelly, I was only looking for pictures (of the reunion) due to morbid curiosity.

  4. Lori, omgoodness! Sorry, no pictures of the reunion – I refuse to go because, well, it’s St Charles. Maybe for 25 years. Plus, I’m far enough away and don’t have a car…. Fun to hear from someone from high school!

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