In the weirdness that was yesterday, I completely forgot to finish my thoughts on the perfect city to live in. So, here it is:

I would love to live between the oceans and the mountains. And by “between” I mean “within a few hours drive at most, preferably within visible range.” I would like 4 seasons, but not extremely so. If anyone can find a city like that, located in the Midwest (because that’s where my family is, and as much as I may not have chosen the Midwest to live in given the choice, I don’t really want to move that far away from them. Living in San Francisco was hard because I never could find the right time to call home, being in a different time zone and all. Plus, with a nephew/niece on the way, I’m going to want to be close by enough to spoil him/her rotten and give lots of hugs and be the cool aunt Kelly (because there’s another aunt Kelly, and I’m so much cooler than she is, plus she lives in Iowa).

So, given all of the above, the Twin Cities, since it’s on my list and all, seem to be a good choice. Which is good, since I live here already, and am established (December will be 5 years!), and my friends and boy live here. And and . And it’s not like I was thinking about moving anyways. More I just thought it was an interesting quiz.