Where I Should Live

Took this test  [link removed] (found on a new blog I’m reading), and here’s the list of the top 24 places I should live. should be overjoyed that her hometown is my #1 compatible city. I’ll leave my comments, when I have them, after each suggestion.

  1. Cincinnati, Ohio Of all the places in Ohio to live (and several made it onto this list), this one’s my favorite, though I’ve never been there.
  2. Bloomington, Indiana Um, no. No Indiana. Not ever. Bah. Indiana is only good for camping (they have great state parks, or did 15 years ago at least) and making fun of.
  3. St Louis, Missouri Not a big fan of Missouri, either. Drove through St Louis on our way to Arizona; didn’t really care for it. Plus their Six Flags sucks (went there on a family vacation when I was in junior high).
  4. Springfield, Missouri See notes about Missouri above.
  5. Jacksonville, Florida I like Jacksonville. Spent a day there during a college Thanksgiving break. Nice mall with a Barnes & Noble (or maybe it was a Borders). Kinda surrounded by nothingness, though.
  6. Charleston, South Carolina I like the idea of living in South Carolina. For a long time I wanted to go to college there. We took a family vacation (our last) to Nag’s Head, which is on the coast, and it was wonderful. Love the ocean.
  7. Cleveland, Ohio I’ll say it again, not really a fan of Ohio, and all I can think of when I hear “Cleveland” is the Drew Carey Show. And those are not my sort of people.
  8. Minneapolis – St Paul, Minnesota Glad that where I currently live made the list. I really do like living here, and don’t plan on moving, especially now that lives here, because that’s like 3/4 of my immediate family unit. I could wax poetically about MSP, but I won’t. My only complaint is that the Twin Cities were considered one unit, and Minneapolis and St Paul have their differences, for sure.
  9. Ann Arbor, Michigan I like Ann Arbor. I applied for a couple of jobs there when I was looking to change jobs when I lived in Michigan. Love the college town atmosphere, how it was big city without being industrial. Beautiful city, too. Just be careful driving around the stadium during a sporting event – the streets are packed.
  10. Indianapolis, Indiana Again, Indiana, in any shape or form, is not acceptable. Moving on.
  11. Grand Rapids, Michigan I like Grand Rapids. I have family there. I applied for jobs there – I think I even interviewed there at the end of college. Beautiful city, on a lake, kinda hilly.
  12. Rochester, Minnesota When considering moving from Michigan, I figured Rochester would be an acceptable city to live in – get me closer to , still a decent-sized city. I haven’t been there, though, so I can’t actually speak as to how well it’s fitted for me.
  13. Overland Park, Kansas Um, I haven’t even heard of this town, so it’s automatically off the list. As is Kansas in general.
  14. Knoxville, Tennessee Ah, Tennessee. So beautiful. Don’t really want to live there, but I probably wouldn’t complain all that much if I had to.
  15. Topeka, Kansas See #13
  16. Orlando, Florida I don’t think I’d like Orlando. It’s a little too… touristy (there weren’t any questions about touristy towns in the quiz). My grandma would be close by, and that’d be nice, but I think I’d burn to a crisp. The ocean would be nice, though.
  17. Duluth, Minnesota Having driven to/through Duluth several times, I think I could live there. I’d complain more in the winter, since there’s more snow and it’s colder, but I could still be happy there. I think I’d like it more than Rochester (#12), but I can’t be sure.
  18. Seattle, Washington I love Seattle. We went there in high school on a choir tour and I fell in love. Actually applied (I think, or at least strongly looked into) going to school there. My cousin and her husband (the ones that just got back from 2 years of missionary work in Indonesia) went to school there and live there, as does her brother (also my cousin). The market, the ocean, I’d even love the rain. (But is it sunny enough for me? Maybe not.)
  19. West Palm Beach, Florida Eh, I don’t think so. Not sure why. Maybe for the reasons mentioned in #16.
  20. Omaha, Nebraska Definitely no. can perhaps comment on this, since I can’t definitively, having never been to Omaha or Nebraska in general, but I’m quite sure that I would die in Nebraska. Wither up into nothingness.
  21. Evansville, Indiana Again with the Indiana!?!
  22. Columbia, Missouri Again, not so fond of Missouri. Haven’t been to Columbia, though.
  23. Toledo, Ohio Definitely no. Of all the places in Ohio that I’ve driven through, Toledo was my least favorite. , wasn’t Toledo the place with the really, really disturbing Motel 6 we stayed at? I shudder to think about it.
  24. Columbus, Ohio I don’t know Columbus at all. I’ve got nothing left to say about it.

So, there you go. Now, if only someone would make up a localized version for the Twin Cities metro area, maybe and I could come to some sort of agreement or compromise. It’d have to include all the suburbs individually, as well as each of the neighborhoods in Minneapolis and St Paul. That’d be a lot of work.

Looking back over the list… I sure have been to (or at least through) a lot of places! You could almost say I “get around a lot.” (Stifling laughter.) [Editor’s Note: my apologies for the horrible joke. I was temporarily taken over by ‘s sense of humor.]

If you follow the link for the test and take it, please comment on what your results were, if you’ve got the time/energy/will. I’m very interested!