I’m not going crazy afterall

Finally figured out what happened with the misdirections to ‘s house this weekend. She gave me her address, but mistyped a 9 instead of a 0. So when I copy-pasted that into Google, it redirected me to an entirely different address that was the highest house number on that street, which I then wrote down the address from the directions instead of the email. Also, she never told me which way to turn onto her street. (I was curious as to why I hadn’t written down whether to turn left or right.)

Thankfully, we now know how to get there, and I’ll get the right address put into Outlook and onto my iPod, so we shouldn’t have this problem again.

For Pete’s sake, it’s 101* out right now. It’s almost 5 pm! I really want to leave work, but… there’s no air conditioning at home.

One Reply to “I’m not going crazy afterall”

  1. Maybe I should consider giving you keys to my apartment so you can escape the heat even when I’m not there. This is terrible weather for you to have to go without air!!

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