Four For Friday

  1. Holiday: If you could celebrate any holiday twice in one year, which one would it be, and what time of the year would you celebrate it for a second time? I have two answers to this one. 1) Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday. I’d love another. Perhaps at the end of January or in February, maybe even early March – it has to be winter still, but it’d be nice if there were enough time for bank accounts to recover from the first Christmas. 2) I really like the holidays that I get off work but lots of other people don’t, like Veteran’s Day or President’s Day. We can have more of those.
  2. Constitution : In your opinion, which of the following issues most needs to be addressed by a Constitutional Amendment: Balanced Budget, Flag Burning, Gay Marriage, Privacy Rights, Something Else, or the Constitution is Fine As Is and Does Not Need Any Further Amendments Right Now? My less-than-should-be-educated opinion is, Fine As Is. Ask me again in a few years after I’ve taken more history classes and brushed up on my knowledge.
  3. Computer Applications: Last week, Google announced that it would soon launch Google Spreadsheet, a web-based application that someday may compete with Microsoft Excel. How do you feel about web-based applications and programs verses having applications like Microsoft Office (which include Word and Excel) loaded directly onto your computer’s hard drive? In other words, all things being equal, do you think you’d ever switch from Microsoft Excel (or Word) to a program like Google Spreadsheet, or do you like the control and comfort associated with having your computer programs and applications right on your own hard drive? I like having stuff on my own hard drive. The exceptions are email and calendar, because I like having those always accessible.
  4. Trash: What was the last thing you threw into a trashcan? The wrapper for crackers & cheese.