Take a deep breath and cough…

(No, the doctor’s never told me to do that.)

So I woke up this morning congested. Have I mentioned it’s the middle of July and it’s… 86* outside, and has been for the past week? Regardless, I am stuffy (notice I didn’t say sick), and it’s one more reason to be excited about going camping (in 4 hours and 40 minutes). I’m always just the slightest bit congested, but I never notice it until I’m out in the middle of nowhere for a prolonged period of time breathing absolutely clear air. Traveling is the worst – spend half a day in an airport and a plane, or in any other small confined space with recycled air… how do people with allergies survive? I’m such a wuss. And poor , who’s allergic to cats (that’s not a big deal, since she doesn’t have any – she just can’t visit me right now) and dust (um, that’s unavoidable), and then has this skin condition where any little scratch gets inflamed… well, she can’t take her medication for that because she’s pregnant. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

I got distracted… and have nowhere to go with this post.