I’m sitting here in my cube with goosebumps. It was so hot last night, sleeping without air conditioning, that I didn’t even think twice about leaving the porch door open – I desperately needed the cross-breeze. And this morning, knowing how hot today was supposed to be, was already feeling, I dressed appropriately, in layers – tank top, capris, and sweater for work. I even braided my hair, because I knew I wasn’t going to tolerate it hanging down my neck for any length of time outside. So I’m sitting here with my sweater on, and I’m freezing. If I leave my office to go to the bank and cash in my change, and decide that I just can’t make it through the day without coffee… I’m going to have to get a hot drink, because it’s way too cold in here. What’s with that? I am glad, however, that has air conditioning at his house. I mean, I like living without air conditioning too – I like the opportunity to breathe real, fresh air, not stale refrigerated stuff. But when it gets this hot out, the idea of falling asleep in the same bed as someone, or even sitting near them on the sofa, doesn’t sound nearly as much fun unless there’s some air conditioning.

is currently on the road here. We offered to take her out, but she was frazzled yesterday and didn’t think she could handle it. There was drama with the vet (her cat has to be sedated for the drive), and she signed papers last night to sell her house (pending the sale of the buyer’s house), and she had to fight for her benefits and have an exit interview at work. So… she declined. And then asked us if we wanted to come up next Thursday to her new place when she signs papers for that, and we had to decline – movie night, ya know. Oh well. We’ll see her the next weekend when we help her get settled, and I’ll give her her birthday present (and ‘s as well), and it’ll all be good.

So I have spent the morning… laying out a diagram of the staffing database I recently designed. I know that sounds thrilling, but after ‘s comments last week about not letting me leave for any reason, and realizing that were I hit with a bus, I’d left no instructions at all, I thought I should get started on at least a rough outline of what’s going on. In case, you know, I am hit by a bus. Or get poison ivy while camping and have to stay at home for a week itching. You never know, it could happen. I’ve had poison ivy before – it wasn’t fun. Not nearly as bad as getting your wisdom teeth removed while awake/conscious and realizing that the Novocaine hasn’t fully kicked in yet, but still up there on my list of “things I’d rather not experience again.”

And I am so, so tired. I was fidgety last night, so even after left, I couldn’t get myself into bed, regardless of how tired I was. That’s frustrating. At least the phones aren’t ringing that much today – maybe 3 or 4 times all morning. Our receptionist has the morning off, so the temp (she’s still got another month or two before she’s permanent) and I have been watching phones. At least my co-worker isn’t here today – I think I’m too tired to deal with his personality today. And, thankfully, brunch has been rescheduled from my house to Hell’s Kitchen, so I don’t have to think about getting up early enough to get to my house and clean my kitchen and make food. I’m quite glad about that. The kitchen’s not messy, I just haven’t cleared off the table that’s piled with things I couldn’t find spots for yet. I’m working on it….

Oh, my hammock is so wonderful! It took a few tries, and two trips to Ace, but by 9 pm we were relaxing away. I love that’s motto is: Accomplish Nothing. Once you get into a hammock, you really could do nothing for quite a long time. The main reason we went inside was that it started to pour. Now if I remember to get staples for my staple gun this weekend, and we figure out how to install my chandelier, I will have the most kick-a** porch in my neighborhood.

Really, it’s too cold in here. I might have to brave the crowd in the Skyway (there’s a reason I don’t travel it at noon), just to get out of this chill. My back’s starting to tense up, beyond it’s usual computer-using pain.

Can I take a nap please? I haven’t been this tired at work in a long time.