How Time Flies

First of all, normal 2-day weekends just seem like a cruel joke after a 4-day holiday weekend.

So, due to my not having a car and the way things would work out easiest for scheduling, even though our camping trip isn’t for another 2 weeks, I realized this morning that I have to basically be done preparing by Thursday night. This means getting all my camping supplies ready, checking to make sure everything that needs to be purchased has been, washing dishes, refilling the salt & pepper, that sort of thing. It also means that my duffel bag for the weekend – clothes, shower stuff, etc – needs to be packed, because they’re all going back to ‘s house with him when he drops me off on Sunday night. That way, Thursday after work I can bus to his house, we can do our grocery shopping Friday morning, pack the cooler, and be off.

Yesterday, we set up the tent for the first time, and once we figured it out, it was pretty easy. It’s a nice little tent. I say little because it’s a lot smaller than my old one. It’s a 3-4 man (or maybe it was 2-3 man), instead of the solid 4-man I used to have. But, it’s got a rain fly, and pockets (for keys to not get lost), and won’t leak like my old one. And for $20, what do you expect? It’ll be interesting to see the queen-sized air mattress inside of it.

So we were watching some Eddie Murphy comedy act from Netflix this weekend, and he does this bit about women saying to their men, “What have you done for me lately?” (Trust me, it’s funny, circa mid 1980’s.) So we got to thinking, and the list of things has done for me lately was ridiculously long. Gosh, you’d almost think he liked me or something.

We helped move this weekend – her new place is sweet, and so much closer to my house. Very exciting. What else? We did a lot of running around to different stores, trying to find a spit for camping, a new purse for me, other camping supplies…. Saturday we got home, showered and changed out of our sweaty clothes (it was a bit warm for moving) into pajamas, and vegged the entire night. Sunday we attempted to watch the World Cup, until we realized we didn’t care who won, or didn’t care as much as we should have (and have about previous games). So we turned it off and went shopping instead. In case you wanted to know, the Pomegranate Frappuccino at Starbucks (no coffee, no cream, just tea and fruit juice) is pretty good, if you like pomegranate.

There’s nothing to do at work today. At least Blogger can publish again.

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  1. My place is SWEET!! If I do say so myself. I am also LUCKY to have friends who love me enough to help me move. Young’un did get extra bonus points in my book for helping. He was super-great! Not to mention the ice cream he brought for all of us.

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