Loooooong Weekend

(Though, lest the person I spent most of it with think that’s a complaint, I’ll add that the long weekend didn’t really feel that long.)

Do I think I can remember enough of my weekend to make this post worthwhile? I’m not sure. Do I think Blogger will get its act together and allow me to publish by the end of the day? I hope so.

Friday I arrived at ‘s house just in time to catch the end of some conversation he was having with his dad about our wedding, or marriage… something to that effect. We all sat down and had a nice steak dinner that cooked on the new grill his dad got him. Then we drove out to the Zoo to see Superman Returns on the IMAX, but they were sold out. So we went to the Eagan theatre instead. It was pretty good – very true to the nature of a comic book superhero. Superman has to be the greatest superhero ever invented – he can do anything, and needs no explanation as to why he can do super-cool stuff. He just can. Because he’s Superman. And, as pointed out, he believes in himself as well, and pushes through the hard stuff to conquer evil. The little boy in the movie was very cute.

Saturday we… slept in, ran around doing some shopping, and went to a friend’s party where he proposed to his girlfriend. We played “Battle of the Sexes,” which was a pretty good game (though it could go terribly awry if you had the wrong group of people trying to play).

Sunday we… slept in, did more shopping (? I can’t exactly remember, so maybe I’m totally wrong about one of those afternoons), and went to a friend’s house for dinner, where we had a lively conversation about movies. I stopped in at my house to check on and connect with , who had started moving in on Saturday. At the moment, I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and a bit of leeway, since she’s still in moving mode… the house is messy (and not moving messy, but messy messy, like clothes on the bathroom floor) and she left her radio on all day, perhaps for the dog who’s sitting in her room in her kennel. And there’s a dog bed on my side porch. That I protest. And she forgot to write out the rent check like she said she would. But, like I said, I’m going to be forgiving of all these offenses for a while. I’m sure that when I first moved in, with all the chaos that was involved there, my presence was annoying for a few weeks, if not more.

Monday, we went for a really long walk (12 miles!). We walked from the Eagan Transit Center to the MOA, which involves walking across the 494 bridge (there’s a bike path, don’t worry). We rested at the mall, cooled down, ate lunch, found some Gatorade, and walked back home. I got sunburnt on my neck, and a little on the backs of my legs, but I think got the worse deal – his new sandals wore a few blisters in his feet, and we forgot to bring Band-Aids with us. We got back to his house around 5, and I lazed around the rest of the day in my pj’s. Dinner, TV, a movie or two – nothing really blog-worthy there.

And Tuesday we lazed around the whole afternoon (hey, we earned it!), watching the World Cup mostly (great upset there at the end – much shouting on my part). Met and back at my house and we all went down to the Taste of Minnesota. I’ll try to post some pictures later today. Lots of greasy food, and some fireworks.

There you have it. And today I’m at work and not enjoying it at all. Not that I’d rather be at home… just generally annoyed with being here, being bored, co-workers, the usual. But, there’s only two and a half days until another weekend, so I think I can hold out.