I woke up this morning with heartburn. How does that happen? We ate ice cream at 8 or 9 last night, but I didn’t have any snacks after that…. Wednesday night I had a bowl of ravioli with red pepper flakes (leftover from at 11:30 and I was fine (if anything should give me heartburn, shouldn’t it be that?). And now I’m relegated to avoiding Starbucks all day, since dairy and caffeine and coffee (with or without caf) are all on the “no” list, and since the Rolaids have not yet relieved my pain, I’d rather not aggravate it. , you’re the only one I know who used to frequently suffer from this – any suggestions? This is unpleasant, and could make me grumpy if it doesn’t go away by lunchtime.

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  1. I have prescription meds for that. So my remedy would be unrealistic for you. Prevacid, 30mg, does it for me. But then again, Rolaids usually work for me too. They may not get rid of the heartburn for good, but they usually give me some amount of immediate relief.

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