The Me Meme

That I stole from Kazoofus, who stole it from Michelle, whose blog I’d never read before today

I know ~ that blogging is cathartic for me (therapeutic), even if most of what I say is just blabber.
I believe ~ I have not yet reached my full potential.
I fought ~ with my parents all the time when I lived with them.
I am angered ~ by many, many things (haven’t you read my 100 Pet Peeves list?).
I love ~ without regret.
I need ~ chocolate and Starbucks.
I take ~ really long showers.
I hear ~ phones ringing and cringe.
I drink ~ [alcohol] rarely, but enjoy a good margarita occasionally.
I hate ~ it when I find a hair product or lotion or makeup whatever that’s perfect, and then it gets discontinued.
I use ~ more hair products than you even want to think about.
I want ~ the necessary “stuff” of life to be easier (paying bills, cleaning house, figuring out what’s for dinner, etc).
I decided ~ when I was 11 to wait until marriage to have sex.
I like ~ microwave popcorn. A lot.
I am ~ afraid of the dark, mostly in places I don’t know all that well, and I’m not afraid to admit that.
I feel ~ all the time, and even when I think I’m hiding it well, I know I wear my emotions on my sleeve.
I left ~ lots of things behind as I’ve moved over the years, but what I most hope I’ve left in the past is pain and old hurts.
I do ~ like to spend entire weekends in my pajamas watching TV.
I hope ~ Mom’s move up here will be as smooth as possible, and her living in the same state as me will be a good thing, and not the bad thing I initially thought it could be
I dream ~ very strange stuff.
I drive ~ very, very rarely, and usually with great rage.
I listen ~ to my iPod on the bus, and it keeps strange people from trying to talk to me.
I type ~ over 100 words per minute. It’s one of the reasons I currently have a job.
I think ~ obsessively about the negative things people have said to me, or the stupid things I’ve said.
I wish ~ they hadn’t sent the wrong color hammock, because I’d like to sit in it tonight.
I compensate ~ for several of my shortcomings by being honest about them, owning them, and apologizing readily when I know it’s warranted.
I regret ~ nothing. No regrets. It’s just looking back and wishing life were different today. And I’m good with today.
I care ~ deeply and passionately about things – I just can’t always articulate why.
I should ~ get some work done, instead of blogging.
I am not always ~ the organized neat-freak that people seem to think I am. If I didn’t have people coming over to my house all that often, my bedroom would be a total disaster area.
I said ~ almost nothing this morning so far.
I wonder ~ what the future holds.
I changed ~ a lot in college.
I cry ~ alone. Unless you’re very special, or you’ve really, really done something that ticks me off or upsets me. The last two times I cried in front of others were when Romeo left and when my parents got divorced.
I am ~ uniquely geeky, and not ashamed of that (usually).
I am not ~ “cool,” and will not ever be, nor do I actually aspire to fit in what that crowd.
I lose ~ ponytail holders, sunglasses, and watches.
I leave ~ the house ever morning wondering what it is I’ve forgotten.