Deep sigh of relief

Well, after spending the last hour re-tracing my steps and making alternate arrangements for my ID badge and bus pass that went missing, and finally accepting that I was just going to have to wait for someone to return it… that’s what’s happened. They apparently decided they wanted to work in one of our field offices, and defected from my belt clip right outside the office across the street (yes, we have a field office kitty-corner from our Administrative offices, and yes, I walk by it everyday, and no, I don’t know anyone who works there except over email, and no, I don’t think that’s odd). So someone picked it up, brought it in to them, they called me, and I’m back in business. I literally had the temp bus pass for five minutes. But I am relieved, especially since my bus pass picture is hideous, and I didn’t like the idea of that floating around.

So yay! I sent a thank-you email and everything.

I completely and entirely missed the Farmer’s Market today, so I guess Prince Charming and I are having frozen vegetables tonight with dinner, or a strictly-iceberg-lettuce-salad, or… to the chagrin of our mothers, no veggies. Well, I do need milk, but I don’t like going grocery shopping on Thursdays, since then I tend to be gone for the whole weekend and everything that was fresh… isn’t when I return.

It is h-o-t outside! Well, relatively speaking. I wore a short-sleeved shirt today with pants, and had to put on my sweater here at work, and then when I wore it out for coffee, I was baking. Makes me not want baked chicken and rice so much tonight. But I’m hungry, so it’ll be good anyways. At least it’s not 90* out.