Minneapolis apparently a “cheap place to live”

Scroll about halfway through the list of “8 cheap places you’d want to live,” and you find Minneapolis. As someone who’s recently been despairing the idea of continuing to pay rent, pay off credit card debt, and go back to school… I was surprised to find myself living in an “affordable” place. But then look at the comparison stats and… it doesn’t seem so affordable. The home price is higher, cost of living higher, average salary the same, and future job growth is lower. OK, so unemployment is lower, there’s a positive.

I’m not insulting our fair Twin Cities, because I choose to live here and most of the time am glad I made that choice. (And, while I wasn’t planning on moving before, with the impending move of Mom to the state, I’m not sure I’m allowed to move any time in the near future.) Mostly, I like that Alison is here, my friends are here, and as much as I complain about it, the weather’s pretty nice. Considering that most of my life has been lived in the Midwest, I’d like to stay there, and the Twin Cities are one of the few… tolerable urban areas, as far as I’m concerned. There are a lot of nice things about the Twin Cities, but I’m not sure if I’d consider them necessarily “affordable.” But then again, I don’t make all that much money, and brought a fair quantity of debt with me to this fair state.

Oh well – read the article and see what you think for yourself. They didn’t persuade me to move to Arkansas.