Coming up with titles all the time is really hard

Let’s get caught up, shall we? Tuesday night we went to a parade in Northeast. It was actually pretty cool for a local/neighborhood parade, and really long. I mean… unbelievably long. That would be my only complaint (other than kids running amok in the street and people crossing the street between floats). It may have been longer than the the Thanksgiving Parade I saw in Detroit with floats and Santa and the Rockettes and Frankie Muniz and… some teeny-bopper singer. Then we got some food… and I got gyros (mine was from this sweet old man in a questionable trailer but he was so sweet I could totally get over that), and had cheese curds (“best ever,” according to her). Went back to ‘s and discovered her apartment in a state of disarray I didn’t know she was capable of. But that’s what happens when you’re packing to move, right?

What else have I been doing? Um, work has been incredibly boring. I’ve been wavering between suffering over nothing to do, and suffering through Access projects. Both have been boring. I’m almost done spray-painting for a while… the next project will involve actually taking the drawers out of my dresser, and that’s a big commitment (though hopefully good motivation to get it done quickly). came over and gave me her deposit and application, and was nearly bouncing with joy as she left. She’s excited to move in, which is good, good, good.

That was Tuesday, and the same night came home (for the first time since early Friday, but it will become apparent why shortly) and told me that Monday at work he got notice of being laid off. (So he went “home” to his fiancee, which is probably what I’d do, or want to do, be comforted by someone I loved…. Unfortunately, last time I was nearly laid off it wasn’t nearly that traumatic to me, and when I was fired I was pretty much alone in the world and had to get by on phone consolation, by nonetheless, since he was the only one who answered his phone, until I could drive back to Illinois for the much-needed love. Anyways….) Apparently it’s politically-based, or so he thinks, and basically his department was told to cut $XX from their budget, and since he’s only been working there two months, it’s him. He has four more months before he’s without a job though, so…. I feel bad, because he’s gone through so much change recently. From what I can gather, he moved in May only to have that situation fall through, so he moved into our place in June, and he started this job in… April or May, only to have that not go so well either. Makes ya long for steady ground, something unchanging.

Also makes me glad that, relatively speaking, my life has been on steady ground for quite some time. I’ve almost reached the two-year marker at my current house. I’ve been at my job for… three and a half years, in Minnesota for four and a half. I’ve been friends with and for going on four years (come September-ish). and I have made it to 10 months. I know I had a post just recently about all the changes in my life, and so maybe this just seems contradictory to that. But looking over that list, I just want to say, “melodramatic, much?” Really, while some of those things were… emotionally harrowing at the time, it was only because… they were all that was going on. Kind of how much a papercut hurts, unless you have a broken bone, in which case you can barely feel the papercut (or I’m guessing, having never broken a bone, but I’ve complained a lot about papercuts).

is bringing over a picnic dinner and we’re going to go for a nice walk in the woods down by the river in Mendota. Some nice peace and quiet, some calm. I was really feeling the need for that earlier this week, and while I’m not feeling nearly so… frazzled as I was then, it’ll still be good and refreshing, and the closest thing to a vacation I might get until we go camping.

‘s hosting brunch on Saturday, and and are coming, and potentially some other friends. I’ll officially get older that day (though, really, we’re all older every moment that we’re alive). That afternoon our plans are to go to Stillwater – nothing concrete, other than I remember when and I drove through it looked like a fun place to window-shop for an afternoon. Antiques and… stuff you can use to clutter-up your living space (I think those are called knick-knacks). Dinner out, with the possibility of White Wine Kelly visiting…. Sunday, and I are celebrating our birthdays together, as usual. There will be pool-sitting (I’ve heard rumors that the pool is heated, so there might even be swimming) and ice cream-eating and dinner (margaritas?) and gifts exchanged. and are celebrating with us, so it should be a fun time for all.

Speaking of, just two more days until my much-anticipated gift from . While I’d love anything he gave me (it’s the thought that counts, ya know), there has been much mystery surrounding this one, and hints, and friends questioned, and… you get the idea. I haven’t gotten today’s hint, but yesterday’s hint was, It’s something that you and I talked about on our first date. OK, that’s totally not helpful. Our first date was nearly 5 hours long, and we talked about any number of things. The only one I can remember is shoes, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t get me shoes (though, technically, I suppose that would fit most, if not all, of the clues). Also, he corrected ‘s earlier correction and now I’m just confused (he said, “[they] don’t know everything about what you’re getting.” So, that could eliminate my idea of what I thought it was from the pool, but I’m not sure. We’ll just have to wait until Saturday to find out, won’t we.

And with that, maybe I’ll get back to work. Or I’ll try…. there’s not much to do (that I want to do, that is).

Miles walked since 6/1: 18.2
Currently listening to: Phones (everyone else is at lunch)
Peeve of the moment: … currently not annoyed… never mind… co-workers singing Christmas songs in June.
What I’m wondering: why the St Paul Farmer’s Market can’t be as cool as the one in Minneapolis (totally jealous)

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