Question Of The Day

Well, I couldn’t resist this one….

Today is my birthday, would you like to come to my party? There’ll be pony rides and lots and lots of birthday cake! As a party favor I’m handing out iPods. Please choose what color iPod you’d like, and then do tell me when is your birthday?

I’d like a pink iPod, please. Though it would seem quite extravagant to own two (and my computer couldn’t handle the memory required for that). And I probably wouldn’t come to your party unless I know you really well, because I’m not a big fan. And, because you asked, my birthday is Saturday. I will be turning 28, for the first time (because I decided that I get to stay 28 until I look 28 years old, so I’ve got a good 5-10 years to stay this age, and 29 is so cliche).