My life in pictures

I’m too… bored of words to blog, so I’m posting pictures… from this weekend, from a few weeks back, and even one from our trip to Chicago that got lost in the shuffle has just been found.

A couple of weeks back, we went for a walk at the pond near Prince Charming's house, in an attempt to feed the ducks. No luck there, but there was a crane, or whatever bird this is. It wouldn't let me get too close, but that's what the 4 megapixels are for, right? Check out the zoom.

On the way back from Chicago, we drove by this oddity outside the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells. Turns out it's a water ride. Scary.

We arrived at the MOA on Saturday and the rotunda was packed (as usual). Upon checking it out, we found it was a Nathan's Hot Dogs eating competition... a regional one, winner going to Coney Island on July 4 for the official one. So we stayed.

Getting ready...

More getting ready... (we waited a loooong time for them to get it all straight)

Start eating!

Prince Charming's cat, Snowy, asleep on the stairs. Looking cute. Because she doesn't let you take pictures of you when she's filled with hatred.

Darkness sleeps

A few weeks back, Prince Charming spent a great deal of time making this flashlight out of 3 AAA batteries and a Tic Tac container (he found the directions online, and I bet you could Google them too). It was pretty cool. This picture is crap, but...

...the action shot is pretty nice.

See how good I've been? Mom gave this to me when she was in town... two weeks ago. And it's just sitting in my bedroom, waiting for Saturday. Patience is a virtue, and while I may not have mastered it, I am pretty good at it.