Finally, I have found an article of clothing in my closet that fits better since I’ve lost weight: my only pair of jean shorts. They’ve been snug for years, and I was ready to give them to Goodwill at the end of last year, since I barely wore them (jean shorts are not comfortable when tight), but they never made it into the pile. I hate shopping for jean shorts – they’re impossible to find in the right length and have them still look vaguely stylish. But I put them on last night, and they fit perfectly!

And before you go flaming me… you should know that this is the only piece of clothing in my closet that fits better – all the rest of them fit worse and I could use an entire wardrobe re-vamping (at least pants-wise), and so one or two pairs or shorts or pants fitting… is a godsend.

Currently listening to: co-workers blabbing about stuff I couldn’t care less about
Peeve of the moment: not getting a heads-up that I have to answer phones all day, for the second day in a row
What I’m wondering: why it is that the little tiny green bugs love me so much – every time I come in from outside I’m covered in them!