I love the sound of a custody battle in the morning

For [only] the second time since I’ve lived in my current house, I got to experience a custody battle this morning. It seems as though one of my next door neighbors occasionally has some issue with her ex, the father of her children. I know very little else, since I can’t exactly figure out what’s going on and am not home often enough to try. This morning, the father arrived at their house and shouted at / pounded on the front door for quite some time: “let me see my children, woman!” “I’ll call the po-lice!” “you know I love those kids!”

After a while, she came to the front door and yelled back. It seems as though she’s got a man of her own around, which makes me feel good because while I don’t think the father is violent, per se, he is definitely scary in his own right, and I’d certainly want a man around (you know, were I in that situation, which I can’t imagine what sort of wrong turns my life would take in order to land me there).

And… this morning, one of the gentlemen who frequently rides my bus on a motorized scooter… he was walking this morning, without a cane or anything. Yay for him! He gets on at the stop across the street from the “old folks home,” so I just assumed that it was some… degenerative disease, not just a simple injury. Must’ve been, though, since he seemed fine this morning.