Oh, isn’t that so sweet!

My sweet, darling boy is always looking out for me! Because he knew that I would be sad after he left, Romeo left me something to help make the separation less painful. I put up shelves in my bedroom tonight, which involved sorting through the huge pile of books in the front room that have been there since mid-April. And as I was sorting, I found a pile of folders etc from college that Romeo had peed on. And it had… crystallized (sorry for the gross description if you’re not familiar with it, but you didn’t touch it, so you don’t get to be nearly as grossed out as I was). Oh, what fun. So, the work I’d done for two years on the Missions Committee, the senior year Small Groups portion of our Youth Conference that I was in charge of, and a few conferences I have been to over the years that were good enough I actually took notes… all gone now. Hopefully the important stuff I have electronic copies of somewhere. It may not sound like a big deal, especially since that’s not my career anymore, but they were still an important part of my life.

So, yeah, that was the gross, although incredibly productive part of my night. There are now lots of piles of books in the front room – off the floor, on the radiators – sorted by category/subject. And five shelves up in my bedroom. And before I can do any more, I need to actually buy more shelves. What fun, I know.

Also tonight, for the first time in I can’t remember how long, I bought groceries at the co-op. Sure, I go grocery shopping all the time – at the Cub in Eagan. And occasionally I go to the co-op, usually for a couple of apples or frozen dinner. Today I actually stocked back up – there is now… well, some food in my house. Prince Charming and I are having a picnic on Friday, since I need to be at my house after work to meet with Nikki. So I’ve got lots of chicken, and some potatoes, and milk and eggs and cheese and pita and hummus (spinach!). Again, not so terribly exciting, I know… what were you expecting?

And in case anyone wanted to know, all of the cover stories on this month’s Marie Claire magazine are disappointing, except maybe the one on Ashley Simpson.