So as to not break down here at work, I’m going to keep this brief. Yesterday, a lovely family came and adopted . Maybe later I’ll go into more details, but not now.

Otherwise this weekend included… vegging on Friday night (seeing as how both and I were exhausted), Ikea and the Minnesota Zoo on Saturday, having Liz over for dinner on Saturday, and then brunch on Sunday. We also went and bought me a new fish (whose name is Pepe, or Pep for short, or Pepper for long), bought a really inexpensive tent at WalMart, browsed the bookstore, and, after an extensive search, found me a pair of sunglasses that we both liked. (That’s not as easy as it sounds, trust me.) And ate at the Wild Onion on Grand, which has pretty good food (though disgustingly large portions), and watched an AIDS documentary (romantic, I know).

So this week is going to be spent… well, who knows. It’d be nice to actually have groceries in my house. I could go buy those. Or do some spray-painting. Or knitting. And I’ll be watching carefully to see how she’s taking the changes.

In case anyone was thinking about forgetting – next Sunday is Father’s Day, so get your dad something nice. Even if he’s not that great of a dad. Because, you know, he’s probably doing the best he can.

Currently listening to: Some co-worker’s unattended cell phone repeatedly ringing both with an annoying tone (accompanied by a simultaneous vibration pattern), and then moments later to notify, I can only assume, of a voicemail being left.
Peeve of the moment: See above.