As I was talking to and telling her that decided to take the job and is moving up here, I started to think about all the changes that have happened in my life in the last two months. And once I looked at the list, I was a little amazed that I didn’t totally break down at some point. Sure, there were some rough moments, a few relatively-minor freak-outs, but in general, I did OK.

To recap:

  • Too a trip to Chicago with for sightseeing and meeting (or re-meeting in the case of ) my parents.
  • and are pregnant and will be giving my first nephew/niece in December.
  • moved out.
  • Lots of trouble finding a replacement for , but we eventually settled on .
  • I moved into ‘s old room, after a lot of cleaning and painting.
  • found out she’s allergic to cats and decided to move out.
  • I looked for a replacement roommate and found .
  • Hit my tolerance level with and decided he needed to be adopted-out. Also, my fish Sir Poops-A-Lot died in a horrible bus-related incident. Check the archives.
  • Learned how to take the bus to ‘s house. For a while he worked 3 days a week out in BFE, and is now finally not doing that anymore.
  • We lost cable, did without it for a month or so, and then got it back.
  • decided to move here, applied for a job, came up and interviewed, looked at houses, was offered the job, and accepted it. Whew! That should count for more than one bullet point.
  • Lastly, at some point in the last 2 months, I totally became OK with turning 28, which will happen in 2 weeks. Guess it just seemed minor in comparison to everything else. I did, however, decided that I get to stay 28 until I look like I’m 28 years old. So… it could be years.

And that’s just the big stuff. Not to mention the usual everyday stresses, goings-on, parties, work stuff, holidays, birthdays, etc.

Whew! I should be tired.