(whine) I just wanna go ho-o-o-me (/whine)

Man, Friday afternoons in the summer are slow! If I round incorrectly, the bus doesn’t come for another half hour, but if I round the numbers the right way, it’s 20 minutes. Almost panicked there. Don’t think I can handle another half hour. As it is, the 10 minutes I have to force myself to sit here before I can leave will go by painfully.

Amanda’s work closes at noon on Fridays in the summer, and for good reason. Why doesn’t the rest of the world do this? Or, at least, all of Minnesota? Nobody calls, no work gets done, and yet we all get paid. Couldn’t we get paid… to sit by the pool? Of course, no pool-sitting today – it’s freaking cold outside!

The good news is that the woman is still interested in meeting Romeo and we’re going to set something up for Sunday afternoon. She said her husband fell in love with him from the pictures. And who wouldn’t, really. But I can’t do it anymore – I freak out every time I leave my bedroom for a prolonged period of time now (you know, like the 20 minutes I’m in the shower), expecting to come back to more pee. Waaaay too much stress for 7 am, that’s for sure. So this morning I had to artfully rearrange crap so that the typical places he would pee are inaccessible to him. And I cleaned the litter box before showering.

I’ve been waking up (and feeling awake) earlier for the last week or two. Truthfully, I think it’s because my meds finally came in from Canada last week and I’m back to a full dose (because, you know, I was regulating the small quantity that I had left, trying to make it through with something, and even then towards the end I just kinda… stopped). Man, I remember that first week that I went on Prozac – that was hell. I was on a mission trip with my youth group and several others in Chicago, and it was the week before Alison’s wedding. (For some reason, my doctor thought it would be good to start then, even though I thought I should wait until all that was over, but I deferred to her knowledge, and we didn’t really take into account the major side-effects I might experience.) I basically didn’t sleep that week. Well, I did, but not much. I woke up at 4 am, wide awake. I got a lot of Bible reading and journaling and praying done. I didn’t have any of the same problems when I finally switched to Wellbutrin, which was good because the side-effects of Prozac were unpleasant.

Well, long story short, I’m waking up earlier and it’s probably a good thing. I hear grown-ups are usually at work by 9 most days.

OK, I’m off. Hope all have a great weekend!