What was I going to say now?

Last night I completely indulged my OCD side and cleaned. Now, perhaps to the naked eye the place doesn’t look that much cleaner, but trust me, it is. I actually found, in the stack of papers underneath my desk, my 2004 tax returns and filed them away. Now do you understand? And I threw stuff away (including all the Sunday School and Youth Group planning files I had for last school year, some gold nail polish, and old Tic Tacs). And I installed the support hook in my closet, so hopefully the rod won’t fall down again. And I vacuumed up kitty-hair dust balls.

And this morning when I got to work, I’m sad to report that I posted an ad on craigslist for my dear, sweet , because I can’t take it anymore. This morning I woke up early, gave him some love, fed them, and hung out for a while. And then while I was in the shower, he peed on the chair in my room. WTF? It’s just too much. He got love last night and this morning and still threw a fit. I will only give him away to someone who really wants him and can give him all the love he needs – I was quite honest about that in the ad. If no one wants him, there are a couple of no-kill shelters in the Twin Cities – they usually have waiting lists, but it’s not urgent that I get rid of him. It’s just my sanity that’s on the line.

In case anyone wants to know, Burts Bees lipstick is fantastic! , I have some samples in the darker colors if you want them – you’re about the only person I know who wears lipstick other than me (well, does, but not dark colors). I got a Burts Bees makeup sample kit at the co-op last week, and am really enjoying it. Yesterday… I applied once in the morning before work, it stayed on all day, and (here’s the kicker) not once were my lips dry or in need of Chapstick(TM) all day!!!!!!!

is out sick again today, which is a bummer because yesterday I did AMAZING things with our staff database and directory in Access. I mean, I worked miracles. I am a genius of such proportion, I can’t even tell you. Seriously. Right now, I’m pretty much sure I walk on water (where Access is concerned). Yes, the excitement did spill over into today, can you tell?

Tonight and I are going to Gameworks to race our horse, Cupcake. If you don’t know what I’m talking about… it’s essentially a video game, and you don’t need to know more than that. This’ll be the first date we’ve had on a non-weekend since… well, it’s been a while, since he was working out-of-town in BFE for a long time. I’m not complaining, just saying it’s nice to be able to see him during the week for a change. So, off to race a horse we go.

Actually, off for coffee I go. Now.

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What I’m wondering: how upset people will get over the unidentified woman and child that died in the raid against that al-Qaida leader in Iraq