With my nose high in the air…

I… have become a food snob. Specifically, a fresh fruit and vegetable snob. With the exception of avocados (because there have just been too many incidents of over-ripeness and general ickiness and disappointment)… the have to come from the co-op. I bought two apples at Super Target over the weekend and… they’re gross. They’re my favorite kind, but they were gross. Even after being in the fridge, they were soft (I like crisp apples) and the skins were too thick and even though they looked perfect on the outside… they just didn’t live up to their appearance.

And truth be told, if it was possible, I’d be enough of a snob to grow everything in a garden myself, or at least pick it from someone else’s garden. Because you know that stuff tastes the best. Mmm, a carrot fresh out of the garden, just washed off with the hose? Delicious!

So now, it’ll just be sad when fruits and veggies I like are out of season, because the co-op doesn’t really get into off-season produce like big groceries (aka Cub and Target) do.


What are you a snob about?