Well, this is definitely bad news [link removed]. Not for me, really, I guess. But no one likes to read a story like that and then realize it happened a mile from their home.

Additionally, this wasn’t surprising news [link removed], but it still makes me sad. I realize it’s quite a controversial subject (they were nearly split 50-50 on the vote), and a lot of people here in Minnesota completely disagree with my opinion/belief on the matter, and for a Friday morning, I just really don’t feel like getting into it. Suffice it to say, I’m not surprised, but hope that it remains a Minnesota thing and doesn’t make it nationally. As someone who used to work in a Methodist church, I know they’ve been struggling with this for years (as well as many other mainline denominations), and this has been in the works. I’m almost surprised it took this long.

This article held some good news . It’s just a small step, but it’s something.

In funny news, ‘s horoscope this morning says:

Results are starting to show, and people are starting to notice. Work your mojo!

Why don’t I get good stuff like that?

I think I failed to mention that moved in Tuesday night. I was outside using pirated internet for most of the night, and then on the phone with and totally didn’t notice that he’d moved in until I saw the light on in his room.

And… I got nothin’ else. Boring work today that needs to get done, and I just have to push on through. At least it’s Friday. Actually, I don’t feel that urgent “thank goodness it’s Friday” feeling that I get most weeks. Maybe it’s because I didn’t start my work week until Wednesday at noon. Hmm. Think I can find a job where I only have to work half-time (and still get paid full-time)?

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  1. UK English usage doesn’t capitalize “AIDS.” It’s not a matter of “correct” or “incorrect”; it’s just the way the UK does it, and the BBC is obviously part of that standard.

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