Just got off the phone with my landlord and the dog situation is OK, so we’re at 98% here for moving in July 1. We’ve exchanged several emails this morning and were just waiting for official word. Crossing my fingers to make sure….

My very cute black sandals broke this morning while running to the bus. The driver of the 65 was nice enough to notice me across the street and pull over and wait for me, but in my running, the heel of the right one snapped backwards. Bummer. Conveniently, I found a nice replacement pair at Fields. I’d needed a new pair of black sandals anyways, since you can’t get the toe-less nylons anymore and my old/broke ones have a toe strap. So I have this cute new pair of Aerosoles (in black) that I can wear with skirts and pants.

Quick update – just got an email from who is so excited about moving in.

YAY!!! Can I move in July 1st? 🙂 What is the couch situation? I am so excited!!!!

What fun! I really wanted this to work out, just because she seems like the kind of person I want to be friends with regardless, and that would be kinda hard if I had to tell her she couldn’t move in. My friendship circle is small and at times I think it’d be OK to include some more people in my life. Not too many – I can’t handle that. But more is sometimes better.

Well, what started out as a day that could have gone poorly (what with the broken shoe and very little sleep) is turning out to be quite a good day. Do you think my co-workers will think I’m strange if I get up and do a little dance in my cube? You’re right – they already think I’m strange.

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  1. Aerosoles are the BEST! I have a pair of black heels from them and they are SO comfortable. I wish I dressed up more just so I could wear them….maybe I should have another pair…

  2. They’re my first pair. Luckily, they were out of the Clarks I wanted. I might have to go back and get them (in green) when they’re on sale next week. They’re so cute too! All the Born ones were cute, but not dressy enough.

  3. My bad. Those were the wrong pair. It’s these ones in moss green. Still, they’re super-cool. I love moss green. I just bought moss green plastic paint last night so the chair and table Melissa left on the side porch can be pretty. Or prettier, as the case may be. Because plastic furniture is still plastic furniture, even with a fresh coat of paint.

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