Funny – Girls and their body issues

and I had a hilarious argument last night about who had it worse off. She was complaining that her chest was “too large,” and I was complaining that mine was “too small.” We both joked about our continual efforts to draw people’s attention to that area of our bodies (because, you know, that’s the opposite of what we do, with the exception perhaps of the shirt I wore to work today). Maybe it doesn’t sound funny…. I might not be the world’s greatest storyteller.

Continuing on the good news front, heard from the new roommate that he is definitely OK with a big dog. So I just have to call the landlords to check with them (because the potential new roommate is a bit paranoid about it, having had some bad experiences in the past), and then it’s all settled! Yay!

Oh, and to complain for a moment – my Cingular service has been out since early yesterday. “Emergency Calls Only.” Is a tower down? Who knows? They don’t offer that kind of customer support on their website. I may have to go talk to the guy in the kiosk in the Skyway. Because, really.