Just do it cuz I told you to

Wish me a happy one year anniversary! That’s one year ago today that I had my last day at the church and then drove away forever. OK, drove away from the idea of youth ministry as a career. Not from the church entirely. reminded me on Tuesday that I had said when I first left that I thought a year away from church would be about what I needed, and how did I feel about that now? I have mixed thoughts on that. I know that if I drag my heels too much longer, I’ll be back in school and busy enough that the luxury of sleeping in on Sundays will seem like a necessity. But I also know it can be easy to get sucked in and hyper-involved, and I don’t want that either. I’d like to find that happy balance in the middle, somewhere between “ChrEaster” (Christmas and Easter churchgoers) and being a deacon (church every week, committee meetings several times a month, visiting the sick, prayer meetings, small group meetings…..). That happy balance where church (and faith) are an important part of my life, but don’t define my existence.

I’ll blog more about last night and the potential roommate I met – but for now, I’m off to get coffee before the girl on phones goes for lunch.