Good News!

So, the good news is that the new roommate doesn’t have a problem with the potential roommate I interviewed last night having a dog. So, I’ve got to talk to the landlords, but it looks like I’ve got the new new roommate figured out. That was way too easy. I’m a bit skeptical. We’ll see. She was really cool though. She came over at six and stayed until seven, just talking. She liked the place, was good with the cats, and the interaction wasn’t just “OK” (like “no warning bells went off, it’d be alright if she lived here”) but fantastic (like “I want to be her friend even if she doesn’t live here”). Amazing. My cats are just going to have to be OK living with a dog and another cat. Plus, after talking with , we decided to get DSL and do a wireless network that will cover the house and then she’ll split the costs with us as well, so four people buying into it makes it really affordable. And I set up a cable install for next Tuesday. Lots going on. Plus, I finally brought ‘s grill to be returned to Amazon to the post office today. They’re paying for return postage, but it was more the hassle of bringing the really big box all the way downtown on the bus, because the box Amazon shipped it in was huge – didn’t fit in a 13-gallon kitchen garbage bag. Conveniently, I caught the 65 this morning, which is usually not very crowded (instead of the 21, which often is), so the box could have a seat all to itself. And tomorrow, I promise to mail off the baby blanket to and baby Charlie.

Oh, and then I went all crazy in the kitchen and did some major cleaning/rearranging. Pulled everything out of about half of the cupboards (can’t do it all at once – that’d be crazy) and put it where it made sense, wiped down things, left out everything that I didn’t know who it belonged to…. came home and we put away what she owned, and then everything else went into bags for Goodwill. Four large grocery bags, to be exact. And that wasn’t even all the cupboards. Big trip to Goodwill. Their donation center is open next Monday, so hopefully will be willing to take a trip over there to dump off stuff (I haven’t asked him yet though… whatdya think, sweetie?). Cleaning out the house….. Such fun. Oh, I needed to bathe afterwards, though. Some of the stuff was soooooo gross. Most everything is down from above the cupboards and fridge – kitchens are generally just too gross to leave stuff out of the cupboards. Grease and dust and cat hair make for a pretty potent combination. Tonight I’m tackling under the sink, and maybe the rest of the cupboards. We even found space for cookbooks! It’s revolutionary, I tell ya. Now if I can only find a spot for my bread machine… (it’s about an inch too tall for every single cupboard in the kitchen). And move some books from the hallway to the front room. You know, generally continue to make the house… not a craphole. Really, I live in a very nice place. It’s just that sometimes, if you look really closely, it would be easy to believe the opposite.

Alright, one more day at work this week (where I just got a new huge computer inventory database project) and then I’m off until Wednesday afternoon. Should be fun, or at least relaxing. Plus, is coming back from Kentucky tomorrow. Not like I would have seen him normally anyways, but it’ll still be nice to have him back.

Oh, , some sad news – Cali guy never called or emailed. So unless he shows up tonight (which I said he could just drop in), looks like I won’t be setting you up on any blind dates. 🙁