You’re It!

OK, so none of you have blogs (well, maybe you do – I don’t know about them if you do, except for ‘s that she never writes in, or the girls-only one that we girls share), but if you do, you’re it. I was informally unofficially tagged by Mindi (whose blog I have never commented on so she doesn’t even know I exist, but whatever), but who is a Minnesota girl living in New York City. So you might like her blog [link removed].

5 items in my fridge

  • 1/2 gallon 1% milk
  • a very very old carton of eggs I keep meaning to throw away
  • some spreadable cheese I keep meaning to try, but haven’t
  • 2 chicken thighs
  • aloe (hey, sunburn season is coming up)

5 items in my closet

  • sleeping bag
  • 2 pairs of Sketchers (as well as the rest of my shoes)
  • that mini skirt I only wore on Halloween
  • waaaaay too much black
  • a whole friggin’ lot of sweaters

5 items in my car
(When I still owned a car…)

  • mesh bag of sports equipment
  • quilt for use in grass (to have small group meetings in youth group when the weather was nice)
  • map of the US (used to memorize the states and their capitols on a very long drive to and from Boston)
  • umbrella (maybe – it’s been a really long time since I owned a car, I’ve kinda forgotten)
  • music source (CDs, or tape adapter for my PDA)

5 items in my purse

  • iPod nano (white, named “Sad Panda”)
  • wallet with a lot of receipts and not so much cash
  • broken sunglasses
  • mini Excedrin container filled with aspirin, Advil, Midol, one Extra-Strength Tylenol, and surprisingly, no Excedrin (gotta refill that!)
  • digital camera

3 Replies to “You’re It!”

  1. Your blog’s comments are essentially my blog, so here it is:

    5 items in my fridge

    *4- 1/2 gallon jugs of skim milk, all at varying stages of disgusting
    *a bowl of chicken, charred tomato, and broccoli salad (very delish)
    *1 1/2 pounds ground turkey for the variation of kibbeh I’m making tonight
    *left over fontaine cheese (will probably go bad before I ever use it)
    *jar of pickled jalapenos (do not judge me)

    5 items in my closet

    *down comforter
    *oodles of clothes
    *the black heels I wore for Bullmoose and never again
    *a box full of cigar boxes (don’t ask)
    *christmas tree and 4 boxes of seasonal decorations (hey, I only decorate for one season, so what if I do it up a little?)

    5 items in my car

    *US roadmap for my out-of-state excursions (usually to NE)
    *iPod tape converter
    *red sweater from last time I wore it (and realized it is friggin’ summer and why am I wearing a sweater?)
    *stuffed hedgehog (has been in my car since age 16)
    *lots of dust

    5 items in my purse

    *iPod nano (black, with “henn” engraved on the back)
    *wallet with a lot of receipts and not so much cash
    *cell phone (with dead battery)
    *several pens
    *calendar (with pictures of Paris as inspiration)

  2. Ah, you have a blog that I can’t get to from work! (“Access Denied!” Livejournal has been marked as “adult content / newsgroups.”)

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